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Reliable Energy, Responsible Solutions...

Reliability must be unwavering and cost effective. Today’s energy providers are in constant struggle with the demands of their customers and the reliability of their infrastructure, while today’s energy developers face demanding clients, tight schedules, and even tighter budgets. From power generation and transmission corridors to renewable energy and wind farms, service stability and project efficiency remain paramount concerns. As the energy industry transforms, exceptional energy delivery has become increasingly challenging and complex.

At RLC Engineering, we believe in reliable energy and empowering solutions. Our power engineers are committed to dependable designs for complex energy needs. Serving the Northeast from the Maritimes and New England to New York State, RLC has built a reputation for empowering energy clients with responsive, comprehensive analyses of new and existing power systems. We assist utility providers and developers in navigating through and complying with the continually revisited federal regulations, enabling energy clients to change without compromising their high standards of service.

RLC’s commitment to reliability and cost efficiency is also unwavering. We provide comprehensive power system planning and engineering, operational assessments, and system-wide studies to many energy clients in the Northeast. We understand the complexities of the restructured utility industry and stay participatory in the evolving federal reliability criteria. Our staff provides powerful solutions to today’s utility system requirements and remains steadfast in their focus on tomorrow’s energy needs.

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